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November 5, 2014

In the vein of trying to find a niche, I am starting a book blog, and hoping that this will be a cool, fun, and non-stressful venture. I will be reviewing books, discussing my feelings about news in the book world, with accompanying gif's and pics.

Hopefully my reviews will be less like this:

and more like this:

I 'm currently trying to get through a sea of books on my kindle, but thought I should put this idea in motion. I am opinionated, and have read consistently since I learned how. I'm  on Goodreads, but wanted my own platform to develop my thoughts and ideas. In Tori Lex, means in Tori's law. I will be reviewing, on my own terms, in the way I see fit.

 Shoutout to Christina for giving me the name, the real MVP.

Now that I have been able to read what and when I want, I've been in a book euphoria, and this blog will be a expression of that.

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