Top Ten Tuesday Goals for 2015

December 30, 2014

Some people believe, settling resolutions/goals aren't worth the effort. This list is goals because I know my struggle to work on them will extend beyond 2015, but you can only be greater when you keep pushing!!!

1.Working Out Regularly Again
I lost over 30 lbs last year, because of a birthday resolution I had with myself. Before I turned 25 I was not happy with how I looked, and realized that I was avoiding mirrors regularly. I decided to do blogilates with Casey Ho, then my got more varied with my workouts as I progressed. As of late I haven't been doing much of anything but I know I can't go back to where I was, so have to get baack to it.  
2.Reading 50 Books or More 
I have only been blogging for a few months now, but have so much I want to read and review, it's crazy. One of the reasons why I started the blog was to cultivate my love of reading and learn more about the book world. I'm looking forward to a great reading year in 2015. 
3.Blogging Regularly
I've been pretty consistent with  blogging reviews, and Top Ten Tuesday. I want to develop more and better content for the blog, and hope to remain as determined as I am now for my blog to continue to be something I'm proud of.
4.Organizing My Priorities
Sometimes I get carried away with all the hobbies I have, but organizing  my workouts, reading, job and social life can only help me do them all more effectively.  
5.Writing MORE
I used to write poetry every single day. I don't know when it stopped but I know it has to start again. There's lots of creativity in me that's begging to get out. Hmm maybe 2015 will see the rise of a poetry blog...
6.Taking Better Care of Myself
I neglect my nails, hair, and fashion pretty often. While I like to tell myself it doesn't matter, I know that when I feel confident with myself I am more productive and less self degrading.
7.Letting Things Go
 I tend to rethink mistakes, decisions and heartbreaks much more than anybody should. It weighs down my spirit and I'm aiming for better in 2015.
8.Appreciating The Wondeful People in My Life
I have unmatched friends, family and a wonderful boyfriend. All of them mean the world to me and I'm grateful for all of the encouragements, laughs and support they offer.
9.Practicing Chess
I recently learned how to play, now have a chess set, but still know little more than the rules. It's a great game that makes you adapt and think more critically. 
10.Saying No When I Need to
I tend to do what is asked of me more often than declining, no matter how busy I am. I want to be more assertive about prioritizing my goals for myself.  I care about your goals too recognize the importance of mine.Let me know in the comments goals your reaching for in 2015!!


Monique Snyman said...

These are pretty achievable goals you've set for yourself. I'll keep an eye out for your progress reports! ^_^

InToriLex said...

Awesome Thanks for Stopping by!!!

Kindlemom said...

I think you have some great goals! This year my only real goal is to get my TBR pile down. There are way too many books that I have been putting off because of blog tours of review books so I really want to concentrate on those this coming year as well as make time for ARCs and what not.

Good luck with all your goals!

Anonymous said...

Writing more is a goal that I forgot to add to my list but I really want to accomplish! I spend so much time reading and blogging that my own content has fallen on the back burner, and if anything I should be more motivated to write because I read so much! Good luck to you with all of your goals!

Unknown said...

Nice list of goals Tori (: Love the GIFs as well. Good luck for 2015! Thank you for visiting my blog earlier, I've followed you back (:

Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales said...

Love your resolutions!Especially 4,6,7,8,9 and 10.
Good luck with all of them.I hope 2015 will be a great year for you.
And one other reason why I love your blog post is that you have a Christian Bale gif!
My batman! *Starts fangirling*

Thanks for stopping by Chasing Faerytales

InToriLex said...

THANKSSS So much, first time someone has said they loved a post of mine, feels soo good!!!

InToriLex said...

Thanks hun, and good luck!!!

InToriLex said...

yeah definitely have to get let out your creativity!!

InToriLex said...

Thanks yeah the TBR is out of control currently too

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