Yes Please by Amy Poehler

May 1, 2015
Yes Please by Amy Poehler, InToriLex
Yes Please


In Amy Poehler’s highly anticipated first book, Yes Please, she offers up a big juicy stew of personal stories, funny bits on sex and love and friendship and parenthood and real life advice (some useful, some not so much), like when to be funny and when to be serious. Powered by Amy’s charming and hilarious, biting yet wise voice, Yes Please is a book full of words to live by.


"Your ability to navigate and tolerate change and its painful uncomfortableness directly correlates to your happiness and general well-being."

I don't read much non-fiction, but this book reminded me that I definitely should. Poehler shares intimate moments with us that we can laugh at, relate too, and gain insight from. The stories about how  she worked hard to be exactly where she is, is inspiring to hear. A lot of times I think that success comes easily to some, while the hard work is only required from us regular people. Amy  is a very funny, regular person who worked her way to the top and won't explain that away. She talks about being waitress to support herself, and a landlord  on drugs and who wanted to keep checking her sink. There's enough eccentricity, mixed with honesty to keep you plowing through this quick read.

Poehler also gives insight that all women can benefit from. She talks about the many experiences women have that are unique, and that they shouldn't be afraid of. As women it's easy to discount emotions and say I  just shouldn't be so sensitive. Amy embraces herself and it's refreshing to read. I'm closer to thirty than I would like, but being able to  dismiss people without feeling guilty as Amy describes, makes me think maybe getting older isn't so bad.
"Too often we women try to tackle chaos that is not ours to fix."

Besides Amy's account of her life, she also has some interesting love and commentary for her co-stars of Parks and Recreation. If your a fan of that show, there's definitely lots of inside information and quips that you will enjoy. The many emotions I felt while reading, felt good, and helped me reflect on myself. If you are a woman you will definitely find more than your share to relate too, and if you are a man you will gain great insight to the many wonderful women you have in your life.  This is a great exploration of Amy, that will give you something to laugh at, I recommend it for EVERYONE.
"Let's not end on African baby rape (or start with it, for that matter). Let's end by pointing out all the ways you can scare yourself and feel alive."


Kindlemom said...

I love that you read this and loved it! It sounds wonderful. :D

Unknown said...

Oh, I have been wanting to get my hands on this one for a while. Sounds like a funny and interesting read!

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