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July 31, 2015
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Booker Prise Finalist, InToriLex, BookScoop
~156 Books were considered and narrowed down to 13 for the LongList. This is also only the second year, the contest has been"open to writers of any nationality, writing originally in English and published in the UK."
~The Man Booker Podcast launched on July 24th. It will air alternate Fridays until October when the Winner is announced. The Host will be Joe Haddow, producer of the BBC's Radio 2 Book Club.

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers, InToriLex

This book has been taken off of the Summer Reading List at a high school in South Carolina. The book includes discussions of sex and drug use, which many high school students partake in.The move came after a vocal parent took issue with the subject matter.

Hugo Award Controversy- Right wing Puppies publicly campaign for titles that futher their own agenda. But at what cost?

What Pet Should I Get?- Old/ Newly Published Dr. Seuss book hit stands July 28. It was found in 2013 in a box full of things, I'm buying it ASAP.

Boy flooded with Books- His neighbor sent a plea out to facebook, asking for books, after this 12 year old boy explained how he couldn't go to the library


#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter- Authors had lots of fun with this hashTag on Twitter. Buzzfeed's Article on it also includes some gems.

New Words- How are new words formed and how do they travel, a fascinating journey

Adult Coloring Book For Stoners- Check out the Kickstarter, super creative and colorful. I'm a huge fan of coloring books and this took a unique approach.

Intersectionality For All- Suggestions for enlightenment of race and feminist ideology, directed toward Taylor Swift, but everyone should read and learn more about it

Adventure Time Cartoon Title Cards Vol #2- Awesome behind the scene look into adventure time.

Some Realness on Go Set A Watchmen- A great piece on how the uncomfortable discussion of racism from the novel, is very different from To Kill a Mocking Bird


Kindlemom said...

I hate to see any book banned, especially if it might help someone in some way. :( It is sad to see that we are still doing this. I could understand if it was about murder or something like that but just because it has a subject matter that you might not agree with, is no reason to ban something.

InToriLex said...

I agree, I think reading anything is just so awesome why would people limit that

Unknown said...

This is a well put together news list! The story of Some Girls Are caught my attention enough that I added it to my TBR pile. I'm curious to see why anyone would not want their child to read about sex and/or drugs. I feel that sheltering children from the harsh realities of the world leaves them unprepared to face it, and that is unacceptable.
Morrighan @ Elysian Fields Reviews.

InToriLex said...

Completely agree, and also added it to my TBR too

Unknown said...

Great List! I especially loved the twitter hashtags!
As for the Some Girls Are...I'm not sure how I feel about the post. For 14 year olds, I can understand why a parent may not want their children to read the book. I think it'd be better suited for junior or senior year, but I still think they should have left it as an option.

InToriLex said...

I agree I think I took issue more with the school taking action from one parents vocal complaint

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