Next Stop: Nina by Robin Raven

November 5, 2015
Next Stop: Nina


Nina never was one who felt comfortable in this world. As she struggles to cope with the pain of her present and past, the young girl's life is changed through the beauty of art. When Nina grows up and winds up in over her head in a dark place, she finds herself somehow transported to another time when nothing is quite what it seems. She must fight the horrors of her past all over again. Along the way, she faces greater challenges than she imagined. This is a character-driven novel with a heroine who faces life, love, and overcoming suicidal depression on her own terms.


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When we're introduced to Nina, she  is lost, like most of have been or may be in the future.  Time travel allows her to confront her past, until she comes to terms with who she is. On a journey of self discovery, art and love inspire her and force her to selfishly figure out how to move on from the demons of her past. As Nina echo's through time in the novel, she experiences emotional turmoil, and is able to use the experiences to be present and carry out her life as she desires.This book had a wonderful and whimsical romance,  that I  wasn't expecting but I definitely enjoyed.
"Mad, unconditionally true love is ridiculous. There is nothing about it that makes any sense at all, and any attempt at normalizing it is stupid."

Often people can't get past what happened to them, or guilt they feel about the past. This book is about finding a way to forgive yourself, so you can focus on what's actually important. I'm really not into romance, but this one was done well, so I didn't cringe at inauthentic moments or forced chemistry. Nina and Lens are healthy additions to each other, they describe falling in love intimately and in a familiar way. The author effortlessly incorporates wonderful prose into a journey through depression with time travel mixed in.

This is definitely a character driven story as described in the synopsis, but that doesn't excuse a plot filled with holes. There's characters and different elements that are introduced, but never explained or tied into the story line. This didn't bother me too much, because all of the characters were likable in a unique way. But a great book balances character studies and plot equally, this didn't. I would recommend this to young women, and all women alike, because it's explores self love and learning to accept who you are.
"I mean if you're not getting compassion from those around you, it's comforting to give it to yourself even if it's overly indulgent and crosses the line to becoming a full force pity party."


Kindlemom said...

This sounds like it had a great romance and great messages too, plus, time travel! Hard to resist that!

InToriLex said...

yes, this was definitely a good read!! Thanks for commenting!

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