Lupans:Tek Hunters #1 by Tay Harris, Illustrations by Fariza Dzatalin

January 18, 2016
Book Review, Comic, Lupans:Tek Hunters #1, Tay Harris, Fariza Dzatalin, InToriLex


Tek Hunters is a fantasy graphic novel series based on a world struggling to start over. Giant monsters and roaming gangs of punks have left only a few villages surviving. Junkyards of ancient technology litter the region as monuments of the past. Only a few actually collecting and trying to use the old parts and pieces. 

Milo is a nomad roaming around in search of his older brother. Split up when their village was wiped out by a gang of punks, he hasn't seen his brother since. Milo and his little buddy Neeko are currently searching a junkyard for a new weapon or something else valuable to help survive their travels.

Lily and Mae are on a scavenging mission looking for more pieces for another one of Lily’s inventions to help defend her town. Her companion Mae is a POWER, one of few who can use magic.


This is a great launching board for what's to come. In this first issue we're given some introductions about the Lupans and the world they live in. When the characters are introduced their levels and powers are described. The level element shows me that the series can go alot of ways in terms of characters and adventures. We learn that some Lupan's can use magic and not all of the Monsters are harmful like Neeko, Milo's companion. Lily is a very smart character who will provide ingenuity, while Milo seems like a brave and compassionate counterpart.

Book Review, Comic, Lupans:Tek Hunters #1, Tay Harris, Fariza Dzatalin, InToriLex
The illustrations are great, they are well drawn and immerse the reader well into this world. This is the first installment of a self-published comic, so I'm cognizant of the challenges that may bring. I wish there was a bit more of the great illustrations used, but I'm sure as the comic grows the creator will be able to pour more resources into this.

I would recommend this for young adult readers who enjoy Fantasy and are looking for a taste of adventure. All of the characters and elements introduced in this issue, hint of great potential, and much more to learn about the Lupans and the monsters that they face.

This e-copy was provided to me in exchange for a honest review.

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