Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbrook

February 3, 2016
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Who knew the zombie apocalypse would be caused by something we all know is deadly...but that is also all around us? Two stories intersect as the world delves into chaos - Earl, a drugged out heroin addict constantly in search of his next fix, and a family struggling with the dramas of everyday life, get no reprieve during this zombie outbreak. Can any of them survive the deadliest game of all - survival against undead, each other, and the world around them?


This was a disappointing read, because I simply didn't care about any of the characters in the story.  There was a good amount of action and gore, but it didn't amount to much because there were no likeable characters. Earl makes decisions that don't make alot of sense in the long run, and the family described were never developed enough to make me care about their lives. While the plot is fast paced it all seemed very random and a way for the author to get from one Zombie scene to the next.
There were times when I thought that we would find out more about the characters. But the hints of a surprising past with Sara one of the main characters described was quickly glossed over. The family itself seemed way too calm to be trying to survive a zombie outbreak. There was no sense of urgency because through solar power and a well stocked garden they carried on with most of the comforts of before, for most of the book. I don't think you can have a book that readers can care about if you don't develop the characters or the world around them.

The book had episodes instead of chapters, but I never thought this distinguished itself as if it was a show in book form. I was able to finish the short read and there was some memorable senses but everything could have been improved. The ending was meant to be surprising but it came off as cliche, and a cheap way to deal with the missing elements of a good story I described above. If you enjoy zombie fiction maybe you could find more to love in this then I did, but I just could not get into this.

This ebook was provided to me from the author in exchange for a honest review.


Kindlemom said...

So very hard to like a story if you could care less about anyone. Sorry this wasn't better.

Unknown said...

I think i won't even start reading this book after reading your review. I don't even like the name of the book. Though I think my friend from essay writer club should like it.

InToriLex said...

yeah it needed alot more work, but the author may have potential in the future

InToriLex said...

Yes, I was just glad it was a short read!

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