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March 29, 2016
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The Sequel to The World's Most Glamorous Book! 160 Pages of top Burlesque Photography!You can purchase this gorgeous book from BookTheFilm Publishing
bur.lesque | | noun
A revue showcasing political skits, ribald comedy
and the most revealing of personalities


This was a celebration of beautiful women, with some male eye candy thrown in that will be sure to delight. In this wonderful collection of photos, there are women all of all ethnicity's, shapes and sizes. It's always great when a collection takes the time out to find wonderful, enticing, diverse and memorable photo's to include. I went through the book three times because I enjoyed the collection so much. The beauty displayed is praiseworthy, because the photographers captured the art and personality of the models well. 
I was entranced by the use of color, costumes, and action shots. It inspired me to keep a look out for any Burlesque shows so that I can experience the magic in person. There is some tasteful nudity included throughout the collection, which elevates the pictures without being raunchy. Some photos  feature some  heavily tattooed ladies, and plus sized model. While many of the models are posed in a sexually suggestive way, every photo is meant to cause a range of reactions. This would make a great addition for anyone who enjoys photography and the multitude of ways the human body can be used to visually draw you in. 
"Burlesque isn't seduction. It's the art of making you think your the only one being seduced."

I received a review copy from Book the Film Publishing, in exchange for an honest review

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