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March 14, 2016
Dr.a.g, Book the Film, Book Review, Coffee Table Book, InToriLex
You can purchase this gorgeous book from BookTheFilm Publishing
"dr.a.g. | dræg | folk etymology[acronym for dressed as girl] from the early days of the theatre when men played both the male and female roles. One was either ‘dressed as girl’ (dr.a.g.) or ‘dressed as boy’ (dr.a.b.)"


This is a gorgeous book, that shows the whimsy, diversity and spirit of Dr.ag.The book is a 180 page celebration of top drag performers from around the globe, in a high quality art print 11 x 11 inch hardcover coffee table book. The photographers included are well known and range in style and flair. The makeup and costumes are flawless and make powerful visual statements. The vibrant use of color, and variety of settings made this a memorable collection that everyone can enjoy. This book started as a small independent film fundraiser. But the quality of the collection has expanded it's reach,  far and wide.
Dr.a.g, Book the Film, Book Review, Coffee Table Book, InToriLex
"Clothes may not make the man, but they definitely make the woman."
Dr.a.g, Book the Film, Book Review, Coffee Table Book, InToriLex

The photographs include performers you may recognize from film and television. There are also uncanny impersonations included that made me look twice. I took my time looking through the photographs but had to go through the book twice more, to grasp all of the beauty  that it includes. Too often performers are ignored or underappreciated despite the tremendous amount of effort and skill they put into their art. This is a celebration of Dr.a.g. for the performers and a triumph for the message it sends. All of these photographs SLAY. If your looking for a conversation starter, or to support the artistry of these performers and photographers, definitely pick up a copy.

I received a review copy from Book the Film Publishing, in exchange for an honest review.

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