The Other One (5 to 1 #1.5) by Holly Bodger

March 12, 2016
5 to 1 #1.5, The Other One, Holly Bodger, Book Review, InTorilex
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Set in the same world as 5 TO 1, The Other One gives Surina’s perspective on the first day of her sister’s Tests, showing that Koyanagar’s perfect Poster Girl may not be so perfect after all. 


"I'm not sure it's easier starving for love rather than food. It certainly doesn't feel that way."
Why you should read this short novella 
-I appreciated learning what Surina's was like
-Bodger's writing is great
-The novella gave a bit more world buildin
-You learn more about the depths of Nani's cruelty
-It's a quick but enjoyable read>
-A more mature point of view
-An ending that will tug at your heart strings.

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