Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey

March 4, 2016
Book Review, Walk in the Flesh, Peter Bailey, InToriLex


Terrorists killed his wife.

In the aftermath of a terrorist attack Neil is given the chance to serve his country by serving up revenge. He soon becomes England's premier spy and assassin. As a man he was unpleasant, dangerous and of little use. As a cyborg he is unpleasant, very dangerous and extremely useful. His suicide missions fit his strengths and his weaknesses. He exacts vengeance, kills without mercy, then destroys the evidence by destroying his temporary body. The aftermath is someone else's problem.

The scientists that created this nanotechnology knew they were creating a monster. They did not know that Neil was monstrous before they started. What do they tell their superiors when Neil's atrocities escalate? With every mission a success, will the bureaucrats even care?

But Neil is worse than homicidal and psychopathic, he's untidy. When he leaves his severed head in Iran, he leaves a pathologist a puzzle to solve. If she succeeds, it will destroy England's only chance to survive in a terrorists' transformed world. The humanity of every member of this top secret team will be maximally tested when they are ordered to send this powerful psychotic assassin on a rescue mission.


Full of action and a well moving plot, this was a really fun read. I don't usually read anything labeled horror, but this was a nice and easily digestible mix of genres. Neil is a sympathetic and complex protagonist who uses his exciting abilities in a entertaining but psychotic way. I was engaged and invested in where the story led from the beginning. The science behind the future technology was well described and the future setting of a world embroiled in war was a unsettling but familiar place. Despite the good things going for the story there were some things that didn't work well.

"We walked in the Flesh, so we do not wage war as the world does. 2 Corinthians 10:3"

This was the author's first novel, but that doesn't excuse obvious typos that disrupted my reading and took me out of the story. The events that led to Neil becoming a cyborg are revealed in the later part of the book. Sharing this with readers earlier would have given the reader more of an anchor in how the narrative worked. The world building overall could have been done better, and more fleshed out.  I know that the book slowly reveals whats happening to build suspense, but some more background information could have been revealed without ruining that.

The characters were memorable because the inner turmoil and psychologically disturbing parts of them were well described. The best things about the book was the well described action and great character development. This book does include sexual abuse and rape, so be warned if that's not something your comfortable with. I was entertained and surprised by how things turn out in the end, that alone made it a worthwhile read.  I would recommend this to fans of sci-fi thrillers, who can handle some gore and mystery.

This e-book was provided to me from the author in exchange for an honest review. 


Kindlemom said...

Like that it was a mix of genres, I hate read plain horror either, at least not anymore. I use to as a teenager and now for whatever reason, I'm more of a chicken.

InToriLex said...

Yes I always worry I'll have nightmares, I don't watch any scary movies either

Angel Erin's Book Obsession said...

I love horror, but this doesn't sound like something I would read. I don't like too much sci-fi with my horror I guess lol! I'm glad this one was worth reading for you and that you enjoyed it. :D

InToriLex said...

lol yeah it was definitely geared more toward sc-fi fans

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