Ripping Solace: Four Worlds in Conflict by Gabriela Aguilar

April 24, 2016
Ripping Solace: Four Worlds in Conflict, Gabriela Aguilar, Book Review, InToriLex
Published By: Custom Book Publications
Format Read: E-book (On Kindle) (179 pages)
Genre: Science Fiction/ Young Adult/ Dystopian
Series: Book One of Series (Name TBD)
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review  
Ripping Solace
I stand on a glass surface looking down at four worlds turning in a small pool of water. They are so different from each other, yet they are all connected by red strings, like veins, that keep them from drifting apart. 
Dear Momo,
I won’t hide the fact I have a safe and comfortable life. I cannot imagine what it is like to see horrible deaths day after day. I don’t know where you find the strength to pick up your weapon and keep fighting. Do we deserve to be punished like this? Were our actions two hundred years ago so terrible we condemned our race to be hunted by monsters?They must have, for we are humans after all. I have been having a strange sensation of something darker lurking beneath. It frightens me. Can you feel it? Stay strong and above all, stay alive.
With love, your friend,


This was a story about growing up, living through horrific experience, and finding the strength to face it all. This book focuses on the experiences of a headstrong, but spoiled protagonist Valentina, and her correspondence with a soldier named 1412-9, who is at war with the rippers. The rippers are monsters who hunt human's, they were created when the advanced West nation was destroyed and laboratories poisoned the air and created a virus. The book switches between the perspectives of Valentina and the 1414-9, and worked well to describe war on the front lines and Valentina's well off lifestyle.

This book does not shy away from serious and difficult topics, this made it relateable and memorable. The characters were described well, and I found my self emotionally attached to them. This had the right amount of action and mystery to entertain me throughout this short book. I did wish some things were more drawn out, but the world building was done well enough. The beginning chapter of this book was a turn off because it involved a dream within a dream, it was confusing and jarring. It also included some world building information that could have been completely left out. The book explains this same information later in the book in a better way.
"Watching your friends peel their faces off with their nails is more than enough to make anyone lose it. "
The humor and psychological exploration between the characters added depth and were a pleasant surprise. Despite all the positive aspects of the book, it had grammar and spelling mistakes. The mistakes were a distraction, and why I couldn't rate this higher. I do want to continue on with the series, because the story is really good. The science fiction described was wonderful, and I want to see how much more it will be expanded upon.  I would recommend this to readers who enjoy young adult, science fiction and characters you can empathize with.

This ebook was provided to me from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Born in Guatemala, the high crime and corruption in her beloved country drove her to find solace within the pages of every book she could get her hands on. Her family circumstances allowed her to live in different countries and . develop a deep curiosity for foreign languages and diverse cultures. As a young adult, she was encouraged by a friend to take a different journey. A journey filled with words. Ripping Solace is her first published work. When she is not busy bulling Momo or sticking her thumb up to hitchhike an interstellar ride, she studies English literature in an effort to earn a degree. You can momentarily catch her in Florida where she arduously trains to survive a zombie apocalypse. She has no cat.

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