Single Wired Female by Greg Dragon

June 2, 2016
Single Wired Female, Greg Dragon. Book Review, In Tori Lex
Published By: Thirsty Bird Productions in March 2016
Format Read: Kindle Edition
Genre: Adult/ Thriller / Sci-fi
Series: Standalone
Source: Author
Single Wired Female
Waking up in a hospital with no recollection of the events, Bonnie O’Neal sets out to discover who wants her dead – and why. As hazy memories come back, she struggles to determine what is real and what is not. Some of the memories are not her own – but who do they belong to? Fearing that her ex-husband may be involved, Bonnie doesn’t know who she can trust while images of android engineers, wires, and a tall mysterious building flood her mind.

But as reality and dreams merge, will Bonnie learn that her attempted murder might just be a small part of a greater conspiracy? It’s not only Bonnie’s life on the line, but all of mankind…


The beginning of this book was really promising, but the plot and the characters became less interesting as the story progressed. Bonnie/ Tricia is a android protagonist, you can relate and empathize with. The other characters in the book were not as well developed. The lack of character development made it hard to become engrossed in the story because the plot was confusing. The plot was mysterious but when things were revealed there wasn't enough explanation to satisfy the reader.
"...soul should be able to occupy any form that has a working brain..."
While this was a short book, too much happened too fast. The lack of explanations, made everything feel rushed. This could have been a great thriller featuring a android against human conspiracy, but it fell short because the sparse information we're given.  There were some quirky and interesting characters that were introduced in the book but then never revisited. I wanted to learn more about the character and the world described in the book. But the story suffered from too much telling and not enough showing.

I was extremely disappointed in the ending. Instead of the plot revealing the mystery in the book your left with little explanation about how things are resolved. I'm drawn to science fiction stories, but this didn't have enough to keep my interest. It seemed as if the author wrote this without thinking through the entire story he introduced.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Greg Dragon brings a fresh perspective to fiction by telling human stories of life, love and relationships in a science fiction setting. This unconventional author spins his celestial scenes from an imagination nurtured from being an avid reader himself. His exposure to multiple cultures, multiple religions, martial arts, and travel lends a unique dynamic to his stories. You can enjoy excerpts from his work by visiting his website at http://gregdragon.com. 

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