October 2016 Wrap Up

November 3, 2016

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Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga, #1)
Ace star fighter pilot Brooke Davis lives for pushing hundreds of gees in orbital combat, but she’d give it all up in a moment to become the first human to fly faster than light. When Brooke stumbles upon a conspiracy involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest levels of government, she finds their goals seductive but their methods abhorrent. With the moral core of human civilization hanging in the balance, she must risk her shot at history, her family, and her life to prevent the schemers from forcing their nefarious brand of salvation upon the solar system.
Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening (Monstress #1) by Marjorie M. Liu (Writer), Sana Takeda (Artist), Rus Wooton (Letterer, Designer)

Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening
Set in an alternate world of art deco beauty and steampunk horror, Monstress tells the epic story of Maika Halfwolf, a teenage survivors of a cataclysmic war between humans and their hated enemies, the Arcanics. In the face of oppression and terrible danger, Maika is both hunter and hunted, searching for answers about her mysterious past as those who seek to use her remain just one step behind...and all the while, the monster within begins to awaken...

Collecting: Monstress 1-6

Tropic of Orange by  Karen Tei Yamashita
Tropic of Orange
This fiercely satirical, semifantastical novel ... features an Asian-American television news executive, Emi, and a Latino newspaper reporter, Gabriel, who are so focused on chasing stories they almost don't notice that the world is falling apart all around them. Karen Tei Yamashita's staccato prose works well to evoke the frenetic breeziness and monumental self-absorption that are central to their lives.-Janet Kaye, The New York Times Book Review.




I'm going to stop being so hard on myself when I have a slow reading month. This was definitely not the number of books I planned to read. But I'm overjoyed I read Monstress this month which is one of my favorite comics of 2016!! This October I had a week long work conference and a number of after work community outreach events. I've been in work overdrive, and trying to read when I can. I was honored at the my work conference, and am proud to be celebrated professionally. I've also been trying to write more, because it's a talent I want to cultivate. I'm hoping to do much more reading in November, and will be hosting a giveaway, so be on the lookout!

Did you have a good reading month this October?

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