All the Joy You Can Stand: 101 Sacred Power Principles for Making Joy Real in Your Life by Debrena Jackson Gandy

February 15, 2017
All the Joy You Can Stand, Debrena Jackson Gandy, Book Review, InToriLex
Published By: Crown Publications on June 13, 2000
Format Read: Purchased
Genre: Self-Help/ Feminist Themes/ Non-Fiction
Series: Stand Alone
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All the Joy You Can Stand: 101 Sacred Power Principles for Making Joy Real in Your Life
Bestselling author, keynote speaker, success coach, and seminar leader Debrena Jackson Gandy has helped thousands of women access their inner power and live more joyfully and boldly. In her national bestseller, All the Joy You Can Stand: 101 Sacred Power Principles for Making Joy Real in Your Life, she reveals the steps that will help you undergo the transformation of a lifetime. This engaging, thought-provoking book shows you how to:

* Discover your sacred self and renew your spirit
* "Unblock" your joy and learn to "go with the Flow"
* Free your creative genius and make use of your natural gifts and talents
* Cultivate your intuition, self-expression, and boldness
* Be a Sensuous Woman, a Spiritual Gardener, and the Architect of Your Life

Filled with personal experiences and insightful stories from readers, friends, and seminar participants, this uplifting get-real guide is a must-read for women who want to develop their spiritual strength and tap into their divine potential. Discover how to have a life of joy, peace, power, and ease.



This book was a breath of fresh air. The chapters were full of positivity and suggestions on how to get more out of life. I wanted to find a self-help book that I could reference and think deeply about, and this was it. It is geared towards black women, but has great tools that everyone can apply. Between life lessons, the author includes relate-able stories about women struggling to find joy through different circumstances and stages of their lives. The stories kept my interest and illustrated the real world applications of the principles described.
The Four Laws of Attention
1)We are what we give our attention to
2)What we give our attention to becomes real for us
3)What we give our attention to grows
4) What we find in the world reflects our self concept
I read self-help books to find out  how I can continue to grow and challenge myself to push forward. Theses 101 sacred power principles gave a plethora of guidance on how to be more spiritual and suggestions to take time out to recognize who you are as a whole person. There are positive quotes and further book recommendations galore. The author is heavy handed with referencing other people's books and suggestions, which came off as filler. However I was still pleasantly surprised with how much was included that I could apply to my life.
"You don't want to over identify with your strength or your weaknesses because they are only aspects of what makes you You. They are not the essence of what makes you You."
The biggest lesson I learned while reading is to give yourself enough space, forgiveness and time to process the world around you. The sections on spirituality were great because they didn't advance one belief system over another. There are also sections that encourage the reader to find people to learn and commune with. Building a supportive community around you is one of the best gifts you can give  yourself. While this book was published seventeen years ago, nothing felt dated or out of touch with the times. I would recommend this to everyone who wants concrete suggestions to progress in their personal and professional lives.


 Debrena Jackson-Gandy is an internationally known award-winning speaker, best-selling author, consultant, trainer and a leader in the field of human potential. She uses her extensive knowledge of human transformation to educate, inform and inspire audiences to reach their
highest potential. Her work has contributed to the transformation of hundreds and thousands of individual lives and relationships. Debrena is a paradigm-shifter, a ground-breaker, an innovator, visionary and refreshingly electrifying and engaging speaker that keeps her audiences riveted and on the edge of their seats wanting more. She has shared the stage with other greats such as Maya Angelou and has been rated as the best keynote speaker ever by many of her audiences! Find Out More Here!

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