Lola by Melissa Scrivner Love

May 31, 2017
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Published By: Crown Publishing Group on March 21, 2017
Format Read: ARC Paperback Edition (336 pages)
Genre: Adult/ Thriller/ Crime
Series: Stand Alone
Source: Publisher Giveaway
The Crenshaw Six are a small but up-and-coming gang in South Central LA who have recently been drawn into an escalating war between rival drug cartels. To outsiders, the Crenshaw Six appear to be led by a man named Garcia . . . but what no one has figured out is that the gang's real leader (and secret weapon) is Garcia's girlfriend, a brilliant young woman named Lola.

Lola has mastered playing the role of submissive girlfriend, and in the man's world she inhabits she is consistently underestimated. But in truth she is much, much smarter--and in many ways tougher and more ruthless--than any of the men around her, and as the gang is increasingly sucked into a world of high-stakes betrayal and brutal violence, her skills and leadership become their only hope of survival.

An astonishing debut crime thriller about an unforgettable woman who combines the genius and ferocity of Lisbeth Salander with the ruthless ambition of Walter White. Lola marks the debut of a hugely exciting new thriller writer, and of a singular, magnificent character unlike anyone else in fiction.



I don't like to review books I haven't completely read, but I could not continue reading this book past page 113. I never  bought into Lola being as smart, manipulative and capable as she was portrayed. I also thought some of the passages didn't mesh well together. Their would be along description about the environment mixed in with little dialogue between main characters, it didn't flow well. Lola was described as brilliant because she pays attention, but not brilliant enough to translate her skills to opening a business or getting money outside of the drug trade.
 "All people everywhere, rich or poor, skinny or fat, are animals. Looking for a fight. Looking to turn everyone else against the weakest."
The following were the  reasons I couldn't continue reading this book to completion.

-unable to suspend disbelief
-protagonist not likeable
-bad transitions
-not enough character development
-info dumps that led to no-where
-picks up rogue kid she identifies with but is ambivalent about actually helping her

It may have been that the author wasn't familiar enough or clear enough about the story she wanted to tell, but this urban violent fiction was not compelling or interesting. Save your self some time and skip this title.


 MELISSA SCRIVNER LOVE was born to a police officer father and a court stenographer mother. After earning a master's degree in English Literature from New York University, Melissa moved to Los Angeles, where she has lived for over a decade. During that time, she has written for several television shows, among them Life, CSI: Miami, and Person of Interest. She and her husband, a comedy writer and Los Angeles native, welcomed their daughter in 2014. Lola is her first novel. 

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