Monday Musings: International Workers Day & Resistance Resources 5/1/17

May 1, 2017


I took an unexpected hiatus from my blog since March. I have been unable to read and review as much as I hoped. However I'm excited to take my blog and writing in new directions. I want to continue highlighting diverse books, and incorporate more social justice commentary. This feature will be used to give updates about my personal life, highlight social justice topics, and share articles about the book world's race problem.This will be posted the first and third Monday's of the Month.


In these trying times, with a President and Republican Party committed to rolling back protections for the earth, poor people, LGBTQ, and sick people, stay vigilant. Help out where and when you can, continue fighting for what you believe.

Resources to Help You Become More Politically Active:
Movement for Black Lives
Daily Action
People Power

Happy International Workers Day!!!

May Day began as a Pagan Holiday but has now developed into a International  Labor Holiday. On this day it's important to remember and acknowledge the many people of color who work to support our economy. Immigrants and Undocumented people make up a huge class of low wage workers. These workers are being systematically removed from the U.S. economy, despite the far reaching consequences that we will experience because of this.

As the U.S. economy has grown our wages have stagnated, and our education from K-12 is being sold to the highest bidder. Most low income families cannot afford to educate themselves and end up taking on a huge amount of debt to do so. Sadly 95% of colleges  are out of reach for low income students. This is unacceptable, but the only way to promote change is to continue fighting.


The book world has a race problem, there is not enough celebration and representation of people of color. Below are articles that highlight this phenomenon in individual books or publishing at large.

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